Committee Chair Forms  
    • Important Facts for Committee ChairsProvides an overview of PTA's process for chairing committees, including: 
      • Flyer requirements
      • Facility set up form
      • Money handling
      • Expense reimbursement
      • Vendor requirements
      • Communication with Board
    • Committee Chair Event Form - Please complete this form as you work on your event and return it to the PTA President at the conclusion of your event and/or office.

      Treasurer Forms (After completing a form, return to the PTA Treasurer)  
    • Expense Request Form - Complete this form, along with all receipts, when submitting a request for an expense reimbursement from a PTA event.  All reimbursements must be within the approved budget for the event.
    • Cash Request Form - Complete this form when requesting starting cash for a PTA event.

      Other Forms  
    • Facility Set-Up Form - Complete this form when requiring set-up for events.  Send the completed form to Kelly.Herdlick@leesummit.k12.mo.us at least 2 weeks prior to the event.